Verification is a must for all new clients ~ no exceptions.  We are about to embark on a journey that involves vulnerability on many levels.  Please be honest and forthcoming during this process. I've done my best to make it as painless and possible, but please understand it is necessary and the faster we move through the formalities, the sooner we can move on to having fun together.

Please understand that if you send me incomplete information, I most likely will not respond. Life is too short to spend time pulling information out of you, one email at a time.  I prefer to spend my time musing over how I can be my best for you, rather than chasing after you to provide what I must have to let my hair down and have you over. 

Verification Information I can use

Often, clients simply don't understand what I mean by "complete information" and they aren't purposely holding out on me.  They could be new hobbyists or they have seen other massage providers with different standards.  With that in mind, clarification of often misunderstood requirements are given below:

Trustworthy provider references

  • The provider must be reputable and independent.  I must be able to see that she has been in business long enough to have a few reviews on TER or Nightshift. She must have a currently running ad on a well-known advertisement site. When you send me her information, please send me a link to that current ad. A website is not an advertisement. Do not expect me to spend time searching for her ad online. It is your responsibility to make it as easy as possible for me to be a big "yes" to you.  

  • I do not place phone calls or send text messages to providers to ask for references.  I am not able to know with any certainty that I am communicating with your provider and not someone else with this method.  Also, most do not realize that texting and phone calls are very unsafe methods of insuring confidential communication.  I have your safety and mine in mind with this firm requirement.  I must see her advertisement and her published email address, to which I will send a reference request.

Employment information

  • I must be able to see your name and picture posted together on your company website.  

  • If your name and picture are not on your company website, then a well-established LinkedIn profile may work.  Well-established means that you have made at least 100-150 connections. Your profile must also have your picture posted to it.  Without a picture I have no way of knowing if the person walking through my door is the same person I verified.

Other Options

  • Another option is being able to find you via a Google search.  If I can find references to you online, that include your picture, such that I am clearly able to see that you are who you say you are, this may also work.

  • If you are an active member of and have received at least two OKs from other providers or are whitelisted on TER (whitelistings must be relatively recent and no older than 1 1/2 years), you could contact me through either site's internal messaging systems as verification.

First and last name, Age and Phone Number

While almost all would-be clients are true gems in search of quality touch, there are some who are not and risking a visit from one of them is not something I'm willing to do.  My safety and the safety of my clients is paramount, which means I have to know that those I invite over don't have a history of bad behavior.  It's important to check, so I really do need this information.  This benefits you as well because it means that I'm not inviting over unsavory characters that could cause problems while you are visiting.  My incall is safe and discrete and I intend to keep it that way by only inviting over quality, well-intentioned clients.


On occasion I receive emails asking me for "the full experience" or the "unpublished services" or the "hidden menu" (wink, wink). These do not exist. I do not offer "hidden or private menus." I offer two different session experiences and they are both described here on my website.  There is nothing else available. What I have currently posted on my website and elsewhere online is what I am currently offering. No more.


Safety is my highest priority. 

Please never discuss money or services during our conversations, either in person, via e-mail or over the phone.  Explicit or lewd* language will terminate our communication.  If you send me an email requesting a session that includes explicit descriptions about your anatomy or explicit or lewd language about what you would like to experience with me, I will have no choice but to not respond and delete the email.  

Please do not solicit "upgrades" during our session, as this will give me no choice but to terminate the session. 

I've done my best to provide complete information about my services and donation expectations so that you can be fully informed about what you can expect to experience with me.  I am highly reviewed on TER and have also been reviewed on Nightshift.  For the added excitement of fantasy, you may find that reading a great way to glean some insight into my personality and the general tone of what a session with me may be like. 

(*To be clear, "lewd" or "explicit," in the context of our interactions, means anything that describes sexual activity.)

Arrival and entering my incall

I definitely appreciate you planning ahead and making it to our session on time, but timeliness is very important for security and discretion, so please do not arrive early.  I tend to use every last minute prior to our session preparing the space and myself for you to have an exquisite experience and, try as I may, I am never ready early.  If you are early, please wait in your car or at a nearby cafe.  Please let common sense prevail and refrain from waiting outside my incall, or on the sidewalk, or anywhere else where you may be noticed and perceived as loitering.  That's a surefire way to cause concern with neighbors and that is something easily avoided.

Please remember that discretion is key.  While outside, silence is golden. If it makes it more fun for you, pretend you are Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible.  It’s your goal to be as invisible as possible until you get inside my incall. 

Please do not come to my door - ever - without having first communicated with me that you have arrived. My door will be locked and your standing outside my place is definitely not discrete.


Once inside and within a few minutes of arrival, please place your benefaction on the entry table.  

Donation expectations are posted on my Sessions page. By scheduling a session with me, it is implicitly understood that you have read my session descriptions and their associated donation expectations and have agreed to them. Leaving less than expected is the antithesis of showing respect for me and my time. Please come prepared and please do not put me in the position of bringing any shortage to your attention.  It will start our time off on the wrong foot.  Guaranteed.

I do not go on off-the-clock dates of any kind. I am flattered if you find you are enjoying our energy together so much that you would like to get a meal together or meet for coffee or drinks. Truly; I am.  I enjoy you too; very much. Through my steadfast verification process, only the best come through my door. I think the world of you and am humbled to have earned your interest in getting to know me better.  Even so, it is important to me to keep clear boundaries between work and my personal life and blending these two worlds is not something I want to do.


Cleanliness is next to sexiness.  My incall offers a shower for your convenience. When you arrive I will ask you to take a shower. Please say yes. You are about to receive a full body massage and my hands may very well venture into areas that should only be touched if squeaky clean.  If you think you will enjoy being massaged there, give it a loving and thorough pre-massage wash to ensure maximum enjoyment for us both.  Sometimes clients forget to wash some of the most important nooks and crannies before laying down for a massage.  Living in a first world culture, it's possibly easy to forget that our mutual health could be compromised by this neglect.  All of that said, if I find your hygiene level unacceptable, I will lovingly interrupt our session and firmly insist you jump back in the shower to clean up (which will be very awkward, don’t you think?  It has happened...).


You've made it to the End! 

That surely was feeling like an endless list of "don'ts!"  I appreciate you taking the time to fully educate yourself about my expectations.  To those who choose to conduct themselves around me with this information as their guide, you shall be rewarded with an exquisite experience that will bring a smile to your lips every time you think of it. 

Until then...