My time with Riley was an unbelievable journey and experience. The pictures of her don’t do her justice as her radiance so apparent when you meet her. 
Beautiful smile greeting as you enter her home. Candles, music, curtains to enhance the atmosphere makes it so warm and inviting.
The session? Pure Bliss. She has gentle and strong hands, attention to detail, you will very quickly melt with her gentle touch and caresses. I found her very easy to talk with and she knows how to make you feel on top of the world.
 Her beautiful body and hands will make every part of your body want more of her. 
Seeing her for the first time when she opened up her door, I knew I was in for a treat. She looked beautiful. I like the atmosphere. Music played in the background. The room was dimly lit with candles. She offered me a hug, a glass of wine, and then a shower...

Being with Riley was intoxicating. She is incredibly skilled in the art of pleasure.
She’s an incredibly erotic person with a really hot body.
— JL
Riley is not to be missed. She makes you feel really comfortable like you have known each other forever. Her place is very clean and nicely decorated. Times spent with her is well worth it and she will make you feel like very much at home.
— FP
I recommend Riley unreservedly, particularly for those interested in a mature, warm, thoughtful, and deeply sensual massage provider.

As soon as she walked into the room I was struck by the unaffected sensuality Riley exudes.

Riley is exceptionally sensual and open provider, very thoughtful and articulate as well.

I was deeply and fully satisfied, and my sense of forgetting it was a service was about as authentic as it ever is...
— TS

Thank you again for a delightful afternoon. Everything was sublime - you, the setting, the music, your song - just perfect.  Your description of the sensuality of the experience is just the tip of the iceberg.  I am almost floating this afternoon!
— Email from JW
Every moment I spent with you was so engaged. ... You are lovely, you have a great spirit, and I just want to thank you for how you made today a magical experience. Until our next adventure.
— Email from R1
I had booked a 2 hour “expanded awareness session.” Wow. I just wish it had been 4 hours…

I don’t get to San Francisco too often but when I do I am going to be sure to call Riley again. She is a dream.
— AC
Wonderful fun, playful experience, an extremely hot woman with an great athletic body. I felt completely at ease and enjoyed every minute from the moment I walked into the door until I left.

Riley has an infectious smile and a model beautiful athletic body. She was wonderfully playful and generously responsive...

She was so much fun to be with that I quickly forget that it was a service...

Riley turns her living room into an erotic temple with a lot of candles and fairy lights in the plants. In front of the fireplace is a ...a full size mattress. It’s magical and sensual, made even by a sensual selection of music. Overall the session a journey, an “experience” ...

She had a hundred creative ways to keep me [at attention] including her authentic, intimate, lovingly heart-open connection.
— AL
You don’t often come across someone like this but if ever there was a woman with just the right combination of looks, intelligence, sensuality and humor then you will have found Riley.
— BB
Riley is as sexy on the inside as she is on the outside. If you’re looking for a deep, connected, Grown-up experience, she’s it!

Riley is different ... there is a certain Zen-like quality about her service and approach. She has an inner peace and comfort in her own skin that I found really sexy. I’d definitely recommend her.
— CG44
Riley is a gem, intelligent, sensual and playful. ,,,Really quite special.

Riley is an

Her massage skills are first rate, her movements sublime and just thinking about her makes me want to see her again. 
— JK
She has the kind of sexy, lithe figure and movement that can’t be captured in stills.

I could not take my eyes off her.
— TT
Riley is a must for anybody looking to receive a spa quality massage, with a desire to receive a lot more. She is professional is all aspects of the trade.

Anybody in the Bay Area or those traveling Riley is a must see!

One of the best around!