I am generally available for sessions Monday - Friday, 10am - 7pm. Later evening and weekend sessions potentially available with advanced scheduling.  Same day appointments are often available and advanced scheduling is always appreciated.


My incall is located in Oakland, easily accessible from the I-580, in a safe neighborhood with plenty of parking.  I am 9.5 miles from the last Bay Bridge entrance in San Francisco, on Harrison Street and a $24 Uber ride from the Financial District in the City.


A necessity, by all means - no exceptions.  Verification options can be found on my Connect page.  


I guard both my privacy and yours fiercely. My emails and digital information are safely hosted and stored offshore on servers that are PGP encrypted and I only use an encrypted VPN connection to access the Internet. That means that my Internet activity and email correspondence with you cannot be intercepted and read by anyone...

...unless, of course you've decided to create an anonymous email account using a free service such as Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail.  Emails received and stored on those servers are subject to review at any time, as you most likely know.  If you are really concerned about privacy, stop using those services, there are free and secure options available.  I've done everything I can on my part to protect your data and provide privacy.

How much notice do you require?

I adore a man who plans ahead.  Spontaneity is also a wonderful quality.  Sometimes, the free time to indulge in self-care comes unexpectedly. Should this be the case and spending that free time with me is what comes to mind, then by all means ~ occupare momento!  Please know, however, that I do not provide an ordinary experience and preparing for extraordinary takes time.  No matter if we have met already or not, I will need a minimum of 1 1/2 hours lead time.  If we haven't met yet, lead time will of course be longer, as I will need to go through the verification process. 

Communicating/Contacting Me

I prefer to keep communication to email and will not send text messages or place phone calls.  Please see the information on my Connect page for my email address.